They Whine, I Wine Sweatshirt
They Whine, I Wine Sweatshirt

They Whine, I Wine Sweatshirt

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Like nails on a chalkboard, so are the days of our lives... as moms! It seems like the more the little ones whine, the more mom wines. Let this shirt serve as a symbol, a sign, a simple reminder that YOU ARE NOT ALONE on this ride called motherhood, that our kids whine too! Wear with pride knowing you are an exclusive member of this "virtual village" called Life of Mom! 

Welcome & thank you for being a part of Life of Mom!!!

The Stats:

This slim fit, slightly longer length t-shirt looks good at pick-up, drop-off, in a gym or out in town pretending like you're heading to the gym but in reality heading to get donuts...

This sweatshirt is wide neck, versatile and has an option to wear off the shoulder... which is great for when your little ones are hanging off your shoulder. The cozy, plush fabric makes for great snuggle sessions with mom.
  • relaxed fit
  • 60% soft cotton; 40% polyester
  • medium fabric

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